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What Is Car Battery Corrosion & How Do You Clean It?

Corrosion is hydrogen gas being released from the acid in the car battery; this mixes with other things in the atmosphere under the hood and produces the corrosion as seen in the picture below

How do you DIY the battery corrosion?

These 10 simple steps with help you as per wikihow:

Cleaning with Baking Soda:

  1. Always ensure you car is turned off. This will reduce accidently grounding your cables.

  2. Determine the terminal configuration of the car battery. There are two types:

  3. If terminals are on both sides you will need a 5/16inch wrench to loosen both cables nuts.

  4. If both are on top of the battery you will need a ½ inch wrench.

  5. Loosen the nuts on the negative cable clamp, do the same for the positive cable clamp. Unfasten the cable from the post.

  6. Check your car battery for any cracks allowing the acid to leak. If there are you will need to replace the entire battery.

  7. Check your car battery cables and clamps for large tears, if any tears are found you may need to replace your car battery.

  8. Mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with 1 cup of very hot water, Use an old toothbrush with the mixture and scrub the top of the battery to remove the corrosion.

  9. Use the toothbrush to scour the battery clamps and posts.

  10. Once all the areas with corrosion have been covered with baking soda, rinse it off with cold water. Make sure all the corrosion and baking soda has been rinsed off. Dry with a clean cloth.

  11. Use petroleum jelly or commercial battery terminal protection spray to lubricate all exposed metal on battery terminals.

  12. Reattach the positive and negative cable clamp to the proper car battery terminals. Test if terminals are tight enough by twisting each one by hand.

Some tips:

  • You can purchase a battery cleaner spray, they can be less time consuming, however always ensure you read the directions first.

  • If the corrosion build up on your car battery is to thick, you can always use a battery terminal brush or sandpaper to help remove corrosion.

We hope these helpful tips will help you remove your car battery corrosion in no time.

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